Klipsch RF620F Review

May 26, 2023
David Sunnyside

When you walk through the home cinema section of any electronics superstore, you're bound to see two things: Yamaha receivers and Klipsch speakers. The latter was founded in 1946 in Hope, Arkansas, USA and Paul Klipsch's horn-loaded tweeters are now synonymous with the brand. The RF-62 II is a large two-way tower speaker that's ideal for high impact home theater and hard rock, EDM and reggae music and delivers a huge amount of bass for the money.

It's a big, muscular pair of floorstanders with three drive units per cabinet and an aluminium tweeter dubbed 'Tractrix' that keeps distortion to a minimum so that the top end is crisp and detailed. The copper-coloured woofers are also incredibly light and rigid for an exciting sound, and the rear-firing Tractrix ports optimise airflow to provide tuneful, deep bass.

The 'R' series isn't Klipsch's flagship Heritage line (that's the Reference Premiere) but it sits just below in terms of price and build quality. The pair of R-620F floorstanders that we've auditioned are joined by the PS700-per-pair R-51M standmounts, PS350 R-34C centre and an optional R-100SW subwoofer for Dolby Atmos support.

It's a big and bold set of speakers that sounds very cohesive as a system, and it's easy to overlook some aesthetic details such as the copper driver colour or the slightly angular base design of the upfiring speakers. This is a great system for delivering big, impactful cinematic performance and it's hard to imagine any other floorstanding speakers at this price that come close in terms of scale and integration.

David Sunnyside
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