Klipsch SF2 Review

April 15, 2023
David Sunnyside

klipsch sf2 review

Klipsch sf2 review

For this klipsch sf2 review, we will be looking at a pair of the latest floorstanding speakers from the renowned high-end audio manufacturer. The RP-8000F II is one of the company's most popular models, and its performance has been lauded by many audiophiles.

The RP-8000F II has a horn positioned near the front baffle of the cabinet that houses a 25mm titanium dome tweeter and a copper-framed woofer. The horn is a slightly wider version of the Tractrix horn that Klipsch uses on most of its flagship speakers, and it is designed to narrow the dispersion of the woofers to lower frequencies and reduce diffraction effects from the baffle.

It also helps to control treble rolloff, which is an issue with some horn-loaded speakers. In addition, the horn enables Klipsch to lower the crossover frequency of the woofers and tweeter to 1,630Hz, which is a nice compromise between keeping a narrower frequency range than a traditional crossover and still having the tweeter and woofer play within a narrow dispersion range.

The RP-8000F II is an extremely accurate and well-rounded speaker, offering a good soundstage with enough volume to convey the full-bodied and precise detail of the music. It can handle a lot of bass, and it's easy to make the soundstage feel large and immersive. It is a good choice for music listening and watching movies alike, and it is an excellent value.

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