KOSPET Rock LF16 Smartwatch Review

March 18, 2023
David Sunnyside

rock lf16 smartwatch review

KOSPET Rock LF16 Smartwatch Review

KOSPET Rock: An entry-level smartwatch that's worth the money

For starters, you can expect an AMOLED display with bright and saturated colors. It's also more energy efficient than a conventional LCD because each pixel lights up individually, reducing the amount of power required to show everything onscreen.

A native Android 5.1 OS runs on the device, as you would expect from a watch-sized smartphone, and it includes various Google Play Services for download. These include a Google Now launcher, the adapted Google Maps app and many other apps that can be found through a search in the Android store.

The LF16 has a pedometer and a heart rate sensor. The pedometer can be adjusted for individual sports, which is useful when you want to keep track of the distance you have covered.

It's also possible to monitor oxygen levels and blood pressure. While these features won't be as accurate as medically endorsed equipment, they can certainly help you get a sense of how your body is feeling and what could be stressing it out.

The LEMFO LF16 is a good option for anyone who wants to stay healthy and active without spending a lot of money. It has plenty of fitness tracking features like steps, calories burned, sleep and exercise workouts and even more if you buy an optional wristband. It's a fairly entry-level smartwatch, but it does offer an impressive range of sensors and apps. The display is pretty nice too, but it's round and not very wide so it's a bit unattractive on smaller wrists.

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