Kuroko No Basket Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

kuroko no basket review

Kuroko no Basket is a shouunen sports anime that has a lot of tension and excitement. It has both intense moments of basketball practice and games as well as funny moments that lighten up the show. These moments make the show more enjoyable to watch. The show is also able to develop each character and their strengths, which makes the show more interesting.

The story follows Kuroko Tetsuya, a first year at Seirin High School. He joins the basketball team and meets Kagami Taiga, a transfer student with a fierce passion for basketball. They soon become friends and work together to achieve their goals. They both desire to defeat the “Generation of Miracles,” and make the Seirin High basketball team the best in Japan.

One of the things that makes kurosaki no basket so fun to watch is the dynamic between the two main characters. They are foils for each other and create a lot of funny moments and banter. They are both incredibly skilled players and it is entertaining to watch them play. This is similar to Haikyuu, where the main characters are rivals for each other but still develop strong bonds and are great teammates.

kuroko no basket is often compared to Slam Dunk, but it really isn’t the same thing. The art style is very different and it is more of a modern take on the genre. It is a great show that I think everyone should check out.

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