Kush Queen Bath Bomb Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

kush queen bath bomb review

Whether you’re looking to soothe an aching back or simply enjoy a nice long soak, you can’t go wrong with a kush queen bath bomb. These high-quality bath products are infused with essential oils, Epsom salt and CBD oil to deliver targeted full-body experiences. They are the perfect complement to your self care routine and make great gifts for any occasion.

These all-natural, premium bath bombs are made with only the highest quality ingredients and never contain harsh chemicals. Their formulas are designed to support health and wellness by incorporating specific oils, essential oil blends, and high-grade food coloring that won’t stain the tub. They also come with a clear label that clearly shows the CBD potency, the product’s name, and a full list of ingredients.

The brand’s founder and CEO, Olivia Alexander, got her start in the cannabis industry at age 18 when she worked as a budtender at a dispensary. She has a strong connection with the plant and uses it to treat her bipolar disorder. Her desire to bring beauty and wellness together led her to create Kush Queen—a women-owned and operated company that offers a range of products including CBD bath bombs, lotion, face serum, tinctures, chews, and more.

Whether you’re in need of some relaxation or some serious pain relief, the Love bath bomb is formulated with romantic and sensual essential oils to calm the mind and uplift the mood while soothing sore muscles. The Relieve bath bomb has a 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC to ease muscle aches and joint pain while relieving stress and promoting mental clarity. And lastly, the Shield for Immunity bath bomb provides a combination of essential oils to promote a deep sense of wellbeing while supporting healthy immune function.

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