LA Golf Putter Shaft Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

The company that specializes in making distinctive graphite shafts built to withstand and enhance the swings of players like Bryson DeChambeau and Dustin Johnson has expanded its line of products to include putters. LA Golf, which has both DeChambeau and Johnson on its board and as design consultants, recently acquired the SIK brand, creator of the innovative Descending Loft Face Technology that features four descending degrees of loft so that regardless of shaft lean at impact, all players get consistent and predictable roll properties.

Taking this new tech a step further, LA Golf has now built an all-carbon putter head that’s designed to solve the three most common problems typical golfers experience when putting: missing the sweet spot, inconsistent ball launch angles, and wiggle in the putter head. The company’s first putter combines an all-carbon body with a large diameter stainless steel hosel and the Descending Loft Face Technology into a heel-toe weighted blade shape.

It also utilizes a new 303-stainless steel face that’s milled to provide buttery smooth roll. The head is also near-face balanced, a good fit for players who prefer to keep their eyes over the ball and like a straight back and through stroke.

To make this putter more appealing to the typical golfer, LA Golf has paired it with its TPZOne05 putter shaft, which offers low torque and extreme stiffness without adding too much weight. The TPZOne05’s zylon fibers and constrained layer damping are designed to prevent the putter from flexing or torsioning during the stroke, which can cause off-center hits to spin out of control or even bounce during the first foot or two before the putt starts rolling end over end.

David Sunnyside
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