LA Splash Review - Golden Gatsby Pop Up Lipstick

May 26, 2023
David Sunnyside

Article by : alan adil

Liquid lipsticks are all the rage these days and it seems like virtually every cosmetics company is coming out with their own version of liquid lipstick perfection. From low-end to high-end, there’s no shortage of options. I’m happy to report that LA Splash isn’t missing out on the action with their Golden Gatsby Pop Up Lipstick. It’s highly pigmented and lasts all day, even through drinking and eating. It’s also waterproof (I tested it out by pouring water on it and smudges it) which is something i definitely appreciate in a lippie. Plus it’s multi-purpose, you can use it to create dramatic eyes and dab it on top of lip gloss or even your hair for a glittery party look.

David Sunnyside
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