Laguna Fusion F2 Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

laguna fusion f2 review

The Laguna Fusion F2 is a premium cabinet saw designed for demanding woodworkers. It features a newly-designed trunnion with years of research behind it that emphasizes buttery smooth arbor tilt controls without sacrificing strength or longevity. It also has a micro-adjustable fence with both European Hi/Low and American fence features, an industrial strength 3 post blade height adjustment mechanism and a spindle lock for quick blade changes.

The rip capacity of this saw is generous for a machine in this price range, allowing users to cut a panel up to 36" wide. Additionally, the table is well-made and features a low-friction surface that makes it easy for material to slide over and reduces effort when cutting. It also has a 4-inch dust-collecting port that is compatible with affordable industrial vacuums.

Other important features include a hybrid fence that offers the best of European and American fence designs, a digital readout for blade angle and an on-board push stick. All of these tools are built into a compact and sturdy frame that is surprisingly lightweight. This allows for effortless contractor site relocation and portability.

David Sunnyside
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