Latest Tech News: Top 8 Reasons Why Tech Lovers Should Subscribe to 9to5Mac

March 17, 2022
Natalie Thorburn



They strive to be a leading influencer in the IT community at the 9to5 network of sites by continuously breaking exclusive stories and being the first to report on topics that matter to their readers. 9to5Mac presents breaking news in an easily consumable style, filled with opinion, wit, and a thorough knowledge of the subject.

It's not enough to simply inform; they endeavor to make our posts fascinating, amusing, and visually appealing.

The New York Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, Bloomberg, and many other organizations regularly credit 9to5 sites, which are consistently near the top of Techmeme's leaderboards. For their reporting, our reporters have received various honors and accolades. Companies interested in reaching the company’s readership through long-form articles rather than banner ads can sponsor posts on 9to5 sites, which employ industry-standard Adsense ads. Sponsored pieces are always clearly labeled as such, reflect the sponsors' opinions, and allow them to remove some traditional banner adverts from the site, which improves the reader experience.

Tech lovers usually love gifts and things related to machines and technology. The 9to5Mac company provides all types of cool Apple gadgets. If you feel out of budget you can check out some refurbished store or a wholesale site for your desirable wholesale tablet or wholesale phone. The following are the reasons one should subscribe to 9to5Mac.

Get an update about a device

We all are surrounded by a lot of devices. Talking about mobile phones, which are frequently used devices. A Normal person also loves to explore on devices. The tech lovers are not only attracted to the daily devices but also the gadgets they want, be it a playstation or homekit. 9to5Mac provides you a best overview on the Apple product you want to buy. Before planning to forward with the new device you should check out 9to5Mac site for clear ideas and views of the product.


Who doesn’t want to have an Apple product! Although the prices are sometimes beyond the reach. But investing in it will be the best decision. Why? For that you need to subscribe to the 9to5Mac website. They are the best deal crackers. For example, if you are willing to buy a Homekit/ Apple Home, you can search the product and get a detailed history of the product. They will give you the details of the features and updates of the particular device. It will also give you the reason to invest in Apple products.


In our daily life we come across many videos, we search many videos and post many too. Users enjoy learning news by watching the desired videos. The tech lovers are found ending up on the videos to know about the trending devices. Why do I worry? You can get quite satisfactory videos related to the Apple devices you want to buy from the 9to5Mac website. The company is the junction of many things. You want to know about your favorite Apple fitness watch, you can browse through the website to get a few videos on it.

Daily news

News is an integral part of our daily lives. In the era of technology, we have converted the original into electronics. Now we can watch news on both television and phone. There are various news channels, some with politics and some with entertainment. In 9to5Mac, you will get daily news about the gadgets launched or about the updates. There you can get some top stories daily. You can also listen to them through apps like iTunes, Apple’s podcast app, Stitcher etc.

Quirky T-shirts

T-shirts are the most comfortable outfits to have for every season. If you are a tech lover then you might love t-shirts having graphics of some machines. If you are willing to have some any time soon then you must visit 9to5Mac. They have very cool and colorful graphic t-shirts on their websites. You can get a 10% off coupon by signing up to their newsletter. In that purchase you will also get options of fit, type, style, material and color.

Support System

Tools are very important things to have if you have gadgets around you. 9to5Mac provides you a support system. We sometimes prefer to fix the products at home. In order to do that we go for various videos and websites. But, 9to5Mac provides DIY tools to repair Apple products. You can also talk to an expert in need. A tech lover must grab this kind of opportunity by subscribing to the website.

The Apple Arcade

The world's first game subscription service for mobile, desktop, and living rooms is Apple Arcade. Apple announced a new game subscription service named "Apple Arcade" at a services-focused presentation in March of 2019. Users of iOS, Mac, and Apple TV will be able to pay a monthly charge to gain access to a bundle of otherwise paid apps in the App Store for a fixed monthly fee. Through 9to5Mac you can know the latest update about the game.

New phone

Apple has announced the 3rd generation iPhone SE, new Mac models, and a new iPad Air. The iPad Air 5 will be powered by the M1 chip, according to 9to5Mac's sources.The A15 Bionic chip, which is also featured in the iPhone 13 and the 6th generation iPad mini, was rumored to be used in the upcoming iPad Air. Apple, on the other hand, appears to want to shrink the gap between the iPad Air and iPad Pro even more, this time with the addition of a more powerful processor.


Are you an Apple fan? Then you must visit the 9to5Mac website to get the latest exciting news about various products on this website.


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