Laura Stamm - Power Skating Review

March 18, 2023
David Sunnyside

laura stamm power skating review

Laura Stamm - Power Skating Review

Laura Stamm has been helping hockey players improve their speed, agility and balance since she was a figure skater on Long Island in New York. She is now an internationally recognized power skating coach, teaching college and youth players, U.S. Olympic team members, and professional players of all ages and skill levels how to increase their ability on the ice with her Power Skating System.

She is the first woman to coach a major league NHL player, and her techniques have been employed by prestigious hockey teams around the world. She is a regular speaker at coaches' symposiums and clinics, and she is a featured presenter in the USA Hockey Level 5 Coaching Certification Series.

Her clinics have helped thousands of junior skaters and pro players to improve their speed, ability, and efficiency on the ice. She has worked with many NHL stars and coached them to victory.

She has a strong reputation in Alaska, where she runs several clinics and makes guest appearances at others. She also has taught the Alaska Aces for more than a decade and works with other teams in the lower 48.

In Anchorage, Stamm helps students like Tommy Mele - who played on the 2014 Kelly Cup team - to learn how to skate more efficiently. He remembers her using bingo markers on freshly groomed ice to show him where and how his strides began and ended.

She has developed a series of instructional videos to teach her students to increase their speed, agility and balance. She relies on Cincopa’s video hosting and analytics platform to deliver her training videos. She uses the system to analyze viewer engagement and find areas that instructors need to emphasize more. This gives her the information she needs to produce better instructional content and enhance her subscribers’ overall experience.

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