League of Legends Leona Skins Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

leona skins review

League of Legends champions come in all sorts of skins but some are more notable than others. Some get amazing new model and splash art while others are given a huge visual update that makes their gameplay more clear to players. Several champions are getting these updates in Season 12 and Leona is no exception.

Iron Solari

While Leona is a support tank by nature she often has trouble looking like one. Her base armor is too ceremonial and doesn’t really scream “heavy frontline”. The Iron Solari skin fixes this issue by outfitting her in realistic full-battle armor that will make her look more powerful than ever before.

Another incredibly strong skin is the Mecha Kingdoms variant of Leona. This skin portrays her as a giant combat robot that battles the mighty Leviathans that attacked her homeland. This is a perfect way to convey the theme of the skin while also making her look unique and cool.

ProJECT Leona

The final incredibly strong leona skin is the legendary tier High Noon Leona. This skin takes the robotic mecha aesthetic and pushes it to the limits, making her look more powerful than ever before. It also comes with a lot of great new animations, chromas and a voice filter that will turn her into a cowgirl vigilante who’s ready to protect her people.

Other than the new model and splash art, this skin also gets a visual update that improves her spell effects. In particular, her Zenith Blade and ultimate now have a brighter effect to help them stand out in-game. This is consistent with Riot’s recent efforts to improve gameplay clarity by modernizing older champions’ effects.

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