Leapers UTG Review - Bug Buster

March 18, 2023
David Sunnyside

leapers utg review

Leapers UTG Review

The Leapers UTG Bug Buster is a good value scope that is a great choice for hunters who are on a budget and need to get good quality optics at a low price. It offers good features, fair durability, and it works with most hunting rifles, competition rifles, or airsoft guns.

This scope has the manufacturer's True Strength platform, which makes it nitrogen-purged, fogproof, rainproof, and shockproof. It also has lockable turrets that allow you to zero in your scope and maintain your zero, even when you're making adjustments.

Another cool feature of this scope is the smart spherical structure that helps handle the interaction between the inner and outer tubes, allowing it to be more durable. It's also very lightweight, so it won't add much weight to your rifle, making it easier to carry around on long hunts or trips.

It's also very comfortable to hold, and it has a flip-open lens cap that very easily covers up both sides of the scope while not in use. This is an important feature if you're worried about your optics getting scratched.

The AO (adjustable objective) bell on the front of this scope enables the reticle to be centered in the bell for precise focusing at close ranges that are critical for accurate hunting and plinking with airguns. This is an excellent way to increase your target acquisition in the field, and it's a feature you'll find in many of the UTG AO riflescopes from Leapers.

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