Learn to Speak Spanish with a Discounted Jumpspeak Subscription

June 15, 2024
Justin Lumiere

Jumpspeak is an innovative language learning app that emphasizes teaching users to speak a new language, aiding the brain in picking up keywords faster. It stands out with stellar speech recognition features that ensure accurate pronunciation of words. The curriculum includes real phrases commonly used in conversations, steering clear of irrelevant filler phrases. This approach makes it suitable for beginners by focusing on fundamentals such as basic words and sentences, including greetings, numbers, and dates.

Interactive, AI-driven Learning

The app uses advanced AI technology to facilitate interactive and engaging conversation lessons, simulating interactions with a real person while providing instant feedback for accuracy. As users advance through various levels, the assistance decreases, preparing them for real-life conversations. This AI-driven approach is designed to make language learning more effective compared to traditional methods.

Bite-sized, Everyday Lessons

Users can practice bite-sized lessons every day, which is particularly convenient for those with busy schedules. The app offers a 100-day money-back guarantee, giving users the opportunity to evaluate its effectiveness without financial risk. Furthermore, Jumpspeak has been successfully funded on Kickstarter and featured in respected publications like Forbes, HuffPost, and Digital Trends.

Current Offers

Currently, there's a special offer for a lifetime subscription to Jumpspeak available for learning Spanish at $107.40 with the coupon code CMSAVE40. Alternatively, other subscription options include $79.99 USD per year or $44.97 USD per quarter. Users can manage their subscriptions and turn off auto-renewal in their account settings.

Subscription TypePriceDetails
Lifetime$107.40Special offer with coupon code "CMSAVE40" for learning Spanish
Yearly$79.99 USDAnnual subscription fee
Quarterly$44.97 USDThree-month subscription fee

Second Language Learning Impact

The importance of learning a second language, such as Spanish, is growing, especially in the United States where the number of Spanish speakers is increasing. Jumpspeak’s unique method of focusing on speaking and listening skills can help users bridge communication gaps and seize new job opportunities.

 Spanish flag

User Feedback

User reviews highlight the app's effectiveness, though some have mentioned glitches that may affect usability. The app's real-time feedback, native speaker accents, and personalized coaching make it a compelling choice for those eager to improve their conversational skills in a new language.


For anyone serious about learning a new language, Jumpspeak offers a promising option with its focus on real-life conversations, AI-driven lessons, and convenient bite-sized practice sessions. The current offers make it an appealing and low-risk choice for language learners seeking to improve their speaking skills in various languages.

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