LEER 100R Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

leer 100xl review

Rugged and cost-effective, the classic LEER 100R offers form, function, and style with a curved all-glass rear door, center-mounted LEER flip lock and 50/50 side sliding windows with screens. Click here to learn more.

Going camping? Hauling equipment? Or just enjoying your truck’s versatility? The 100XL goes SUVs one better, securing and protecting valuable cargo that doesn’t belong in the back seat. This custom-fit premium cap features SUV-style side windows with hidden frames and twist-out fresh-air vents with screens.

With sleek styling and practical functionality, the LEER Model 100RCC and 180CC fiberglass commercial caps are fortified with structural reinforcements to handle tough jobs and harsh weather conditions. The mid-rise height of the Model 180XL encloses 20% more space than a cab-high cap and offers large tinted side windows with hidden frames and twist-out, screen vented window mullions.

Our tough nylon headliner improves the look of your cap and minimizes noise, heat and dust inside your cab or tonneau. It’s standard on the 100XQ cap and available as an option on many other LEER caps and tonneaus.

The Keyless Remote Unlock System is factory-ordered or dealer-installed on most LEER caps and tonneaus. When paired with your vehicle’s factory keyless entry remote, it automatically unlocks (but does not open) your cap or tonneau when you depress the button on your key fob. This feature is available on all LEER Model 100R, 120XL, 100RCC, and 180XL caps as well as most LS models.

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