LEGO Batman Movie Sets Review

March 18, 2023
David Sunnyside

lego batman movie sets review

LEGO Batman Movie Sets Review

The LEGO Batman Movie is a fun, safe and creative movie that will be appreciated by both younger and older fans of the character. It's also the best children's movie of the past decade, combining action, comedy and a surprising amount of drama to create something that's both entertaining and thoughtful.

Set 70836: Battle-ready Batman & MetalBeard

After last year's successful apocalyptic outing, Batman is back and ready to take his battle with Bane to the next level. This time around he's sporting some brand new shoulder armour that looks like he's got a heavy metal rock star look to him and his torso and leg print has a nice war feel to it too.

He's also got a new red Bat-sign for that 'new era of Batman' look. He's still got a pretty tatty bat-cape though, and even his tires are rubber, so that's pretty awesome too.

Another interesting addition to this set is a Star shaped element, which can be fixed onto a single stud with the use of two 2x2 printed plates. It's a really cool little piece that works well for the character and it adds a nice touch to the set.

This is a great set that really captures the spirit of the original movie. It's a lot of fun to play with, and is a good way for younger LEGO enthusiasts to get their hands on some Batman characters that they may not have previously seen. It's also a really fun and inexpensive way to introduce kids to the world of Lego.

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