Lego Dimensions Fantastic Beasts Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

lego dimensions fantastic beasts review

The Lego Dimensions toys-to-life game has certainly upped its game for the second year running, adding new characters and worlds with each new wave of expansions. The second wave saw the introduction of story packs, which offer a full campaign of levels in the game plus a new scene build for the toy pad and a new character. This second one is based on the new Harry Potter prequel movie, and has Newt Scamander heading off to 1920s New York in search of more beasts for his menagerie.

It's a very fun pack, which brings an open world to the multiverse with plenty of side quests and other things to do, as well as an epic battle against the Obscurus in the story level. Newt Scamander himself is a delightful addition to the cast, and Eddie Redmayne's voicing captures the tone of his performance perfectly. He's able to destroy silver bricks with a flick of his wand, pick locks with the Bowtruckle creature, and use Apparate Access to move between locations.

The other major draw is the MACUSA Gateway building, which is the centrepiece of this set. It's not as big as the Ghostbusters Chinese restaurant, but it's still a nice looking piece of kit, and it also works as a play point for the games level. A minor downside is the reliance on purchasing other expansions to make the most of it, but that's not really a surprise for this sort of thing - most "Toys-to-Life" games like this encourage players to buy more stuff.

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