Lewitt Microphones Review - The 440 Pure

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

lewitt microphones review

Austrian company lewitt microphones is one of the fastest growing microphone brands in the market. Founded by Roman Perschon, they are on a mission to change the status quo in mic design and manufacturing by listening to actual users and solving their audio frustrations. This is reflected in their unique products, including the LCT 440 Pure. Designed with the home studio in mind, this small-diaphragm model is packed with features that make it easy to find the right sound for your project.

Unlike many microphones that are cluttered with switches, the lewitt 440 pure has a very clean user interface. It’s made up of a few momentary buttons that allow you to step through the various pad, pattern and filter options, with an LED showing the current setting on the front panel. Once you’ve chosen a setting, you can lock it by pressing and holding the button for more than two seconds.

In its flat mode, the 440 pure sounds quite natural with a good amount of clarity at the top end that helps it cut through layered vocal production. It also does a great job with acoustic guitar and most instruments you might encounter in a home recording environment.

The 440 pure is very well priced considering it delivers excellent results on all sources and comes with an attractive package of shock mount, pop shield and 2 different filters (foam and metal mesh). It’s a simple cardioid only mic but packs more into its small form factor than many comparable mics costing twice as much.

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