LG 24M38H B Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

LG 24M38H b Review

The LG 24M38H-B is one of the best budget monitors available at the moment. This entry-level model from the company boasts of a 1080p TN panel capable of 75Hz refresh rates that will please gamers on a bargain hunt for a decent set. This is not a perfect monitor, however, as it suffers from dismal performance results in some areas. Its good build quality and sleek design, along with its great color uniformity and brightness levels, give it a solid rating in many aspects. However, its mediocre pixel response time, slow frame rate and disappointing contrast ratio are enough to bring down the overall score.

With the onscreen control, you can easily adjust the key settings of the monitor such as volume, brightness, picture mode presets and Screen Split 2.0 with just a click of a button. Onscreen control also allows you to maximize visual comfort by reducing eye strain and fatigue. Activating Reader Mode reduces blue light emissions and provides optimal conditions for reading, so you can continue working, playing or studying for long hours without any discomfort. This monitor is backed by a 3 year warranty.

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