LG 32GN550-B Review - A Gaming Monitor That Won't Break the Bank

March 18, 2023
David Sunnyside

lg 32gn550b review

A gaming monitor that won't break the bank

lg 32gn550-b review reveals that this display offers all the basics you need for a top gaming experience without breaking your budget. It boasts a fast refresh rate and 1ms response time, along with G-sync and Freesync technology to reduce stuttering and screen tear in high-resolution games.

This monitor also supports a wide range of color space options like sRGB, CMYK, and DCI-P3, which helps you pick the perfect match for your setup. Moreover, it has an excellent 165Hz refresh rate that makes for fast and smooth gameplay.

The LG 32GN550-B features a VA panel that produces great contrast, color reproduction, and brightness. However, it does suffer from smearing in dark scenes. This isn't a problem that you will encounter regularly, but it does happen from time to time and should be considered before purchasing this display.

Low pixel density is another issue that plagues this monitor. It has a low PPI ratio and increased pixel pitch, which can result in washed images. This is especially noticeable in text and HUD elements.

Good panel uniformity is another important aspect to consider when choosing a gaming monitor. This is important because it helps prevent screen tearing and other problems caused by motion blur.

If you play competitive games, you will definitely want to get a monitor that has a fast refresh rate. Ideally, this refresh rate should be in the 120Hz to 165Hz range.

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