LG K10 Hands-On Review

May 16, 2023
Justin Ankus

lg k10 cnet

LG unveiled four advanced handsets as part of its midtier K series lineup at CES 2017, including the K10 as the flagship model. Featuring a 5.3-inch display and 13 megapixel camera, Android 7.1.1 Nougat operating system and expandable storage.

Hands-on, this smartphone feels sturdy and well constructed, without any obvious flex or creak due to its all plastic construction. It looks quite nice too, with a metallic effect border adding some premium flair. The fingerprint scanner is located conveniently; although awkwardly when lying flat requiring you to pick it up to unlock; additionally it doubles up as both power/lock keys making this convenient feature even better.

Performance-wise, the K10 is quite impressive. Its MediaTek MT6750 SoC boasts eight cores which is far more current and powerful than similar processors in its predecessor and most comparison devices; and its ARM Mali T860 MP2 graphics solution offers over twice the performance compared to competing solutions.

Display quality is also very impressive, although slightly brighter may have been desired. Our tests showed colors which were too blue-toned, deviating significantly from sRGB reference color space in blues especially. However, Comfort mode reduces blue tint to potentially remedy this issue.

LG has also implemented an intriguing feature called KnockCode that allows the user to unlock their phone via knocks on the screen instead of entering a PIN or password that may be more difficult to remember. This unique method makes using an LG phone even simpler!

Other features include Dual Screen, which enables you to utilize a second screen for text messages or browsing the web. It works over Bluetooth connectivity and comes equipped with various settings depending on your personal preferences.

The front-facing camera of this smartphone is a 5-megapixel device, offering both wide-angle and narrower perspectives, plus the option to trigger selfies by gesture or auto capture. Picture quality for selfies is decent but nothing to brag about.

The LG K10 is an impressive budget smartphone, boasting an excellent operating system, processing power and camera photos that match its price point. However, one major detraction from its experience lies in its poor sound quality and battery performance which could have been better. Otherwise, the K10 is an ideal option for anyone in search of an economical yet dependable smartphone. JB Hi-Fi or Big W sell it starting from $579; or check out our in-depth review (with video) here. LG phones can be found online via its website and prices. At Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona, the Korean firm plans on unveiling updated editions of their K8, K10 and K4 phones with "premium features" coming down into lower tiers, sure to please budget-minded consumers.

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