LG LF6000 Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

lf6000 review

LF6000 is a low fog machine that creates a flow of continuous low lying fog on the floor with the added benefit of new ultrasonic technology as opposed to dry ice making this a cost efficient machine which also causes less damage to the environment. It is fueled primarily with water supplemented with standard smoke fluid, eliminating the need for Co2, dry ice or separate fog machines. It can be controlled with either the on board digital display or DMX and is suitable for medium to big productions/events.

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This affordable 1080p LED TV has great contrast and little reflection, but its significant amount of motion blur may be a deal breaker if you're looking for a set to play video games on. It's also missing most of the smart features found on more expensive LG TVs, but that's probably fine if you don't need them.

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