LG OLED TVs - B2 Vs C2

May 17, 2023
Justin Ankus

lg oled b2 vs c2

The LG C2 and B2 OLED TVs are two of the most sought-after OLED models available, providing superb image quality while boasting features tailored specifically towards gamers. While both sets share similar specifications, their differences lie primarily in using OLED Evo panels while B2 has first generation OLED display and lower peak brightness; C2 also boasts higher resolution and HDR processing - these differences may seem minor but could make an impactful statement about your viewing experience.

These TVs are ideal for sports viewing, featuring high SDR peak brightness and reflection control that rival LCD displays for optimal image quality in bright environments. Both models also boast fast refresh rates of 100Hz which ensure you can see fast moving scenes, such as when a soccer ball flies into its goal.

Both sets can handle HDR content well. The C2 has an improved picture processor that creates smoother gradients and reduces banding seen on its rival B2, as well as offering wider color gamut thanks to an OLED Evo panel. Unfortunately, however, its rival may exhibit noticeable banding when showing HDR material.

The C2 may cost slightly more than its B2 counterpart, but that premium can be justified by its superior performance and features. Its high-end Alpha 9 Gen 5 processor offers advanced image processing such as dynamic tone mapping and AI-powered 4K upscaling; furthermore, its OLED Evo panel delivers more accurate color rendering with superior brightness over previous LG OLED panels.

This TV features a stylish design and comes in three sizes. Its minimalist frame is thin with metal finishing. This model can be wall-mounted or placed on a stand; its speakers are located beneath its screen for optimal sound quality but lack bass presence; therefore, this television may not be very loud either.

It has a comprehensive set of gaming features, such as auto low-latency mode and variable refresh rate support, plus 4K at 120fps support on compatible consoles. HDMI 2.1 ports and game optimiser mode offer advanced gaming functionality; its input lag is only 13ms when playing at 50Hz!

The B2 is slightly less costly than its more powerful cousin, the C2, yet features first-generation OLED display technology with less powerful image processing and lower peak brightness than its more affordable rival. This may result in somewhat dimmer images. Additionally, however, its unique features such as slim profile design and Dolby Atmos support make the B2 worth considering in certain situations.

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