LG Stand by Me - A TV/Monitor/Tablet/Kiosk With Wheels

July 13, 2023
Justin Lumiere

lg stand by me

LG's latest TV/Monitor/Tablet/Kiosk device features a 27 inch display on wheels with LG webOS software running underneath, supporting touchscreen apps and supporting video playback.

Digital display of artwork or images. Support of mobile screen mirroring on Android and iOS devices. Connectivity via AirPlay or the Home app on iOS is straightforward.

It’s a TV

LG released the original StandbyMe several years ago as a portable 27 inch display that doubled as both TV and touch tablet. Utilizing smart TV technology, it featured three hours of battery life and was MIL-STD-810H tested to withstand shock, dust, and vibration.

Now there is a new version, called StandbyMe Go, that swaps out its wheels for a briefcase-style case and an articulated arm capable of supporting its 1080p screen in both landscape and portrait orientation. Running LG's WebOS smart TV software and supporting Android screen mirroring, Apple AirPlay streaming and voice control.

The company promotes this device as an all-in-one portable screen solution that can be used for doing exercises on the floor or viewing recipes while cooking in the kitchen. Furthermore, it can serve as a flat tablet for playing video games or as head-to-head screen for board game play.

It’s a tablet

LG's latest offering is a portable 27 inch display resembling a briefcase, running their webOS smart TV software and featuring touchscreen controls for Apple AirPlay and Android screen mirroring support. Furthermore, this unit comes equipped with its own battery pack for long lasting power use that meets MIL-STD-810H tests against shock, drop and dust.

Users can roll the device around their home to use for various purposes, from serving as a home workout screen on the floor while working out to displaying recipes near the kitchen counter. It can even be rotated 90 degrees to act like a giant tablet for vertical video content such as TikTok and YouTube shorts; or connected via wired television audio for use as TV; additionally it comes equipped with a stand for use during video chats and gaming on the floor.

It’s a phone

LG may no longer specialize in phones, but their tech remains relevant. Their new Standby Me Go portable screen can serve as a TV, tablet or kiosk and features LG's smart TV software which supports Airplay on iOS phones.

This screen can be adjusted for use like any monitor or tilted 90 degrees to act like a giant TikTok video player. Furthermore, it can easily be transported between rooms using its wheels, and comes equipped with a built-in 74Wh battery which lasts three hours of run time.

LG's smart TV software runs on this device as well as having access to an extensive app store and HDMI ports for connecting directly with a laptop or desktop computer.

It’s a game console

This portable TV/monitor/touchscreen looks similar to a briefcase, yet can easily rotate, tilt, swivel and roll from room to room on five concealed wheels. It boasts a 27-inch display with resolution 1920x1080 that supports landscape or portrait mode use.

LG's webOS smart TV software runs smoothly, while Apple AirPlay and Android screen mirroring support is provided as well as MIL-STD-810H shock, drop, dust and vibration resistance testing.

Use it to watch movies, play games, video chat with loved ones on your phone or tablet and video call them from home using picture-by-picture mode on your laptop computer. Plus its battery can last for three hours!

It’s a remote control

LG has taken its portable television one step further with their latest device called Stand by Me. This 27" portable display on a stand is intended for use in various settings around the home and office; from home workout screens while doing exercises to touch screens in kitchens to virtual class lectures - its versatile swivel screen makes this an adaptable device! Plus it comes complete with its own app suite consisting of YouTube, Netflix and web browsing capability as well as convenient phone mirroring features for Android and Apple users alike!

LG's remote is somewhat different than their typical offerings, boasting a large directional pad and an additional ring that serves as a pointer. You can also wave your hand over the remote to activate cursor on screen a la Wii Remote.

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