LG Ultimate 2 Reviews

May 16, 2023
Justin Ankus

lg ultimate 2 reviews cnet

LG has been trying to recover from the mistakes it made with its modular G5 phone, yet their latest flagship, the G7, seems like a rehash. Although its key features such as an iPhone X-like notch you can hide, rough-and-ready AI camera capabilities and Google Assistant button offer some exciting additions, they don't enough to lift this midrange device above its market position.

The V30's 5.7-inch display is an impressive improvement from that of its predecessor, the G4. Unfortunately, its resolution of 720p doesn't quite provide crisp and clear imagery at full size; there's some noticeable pixelation when viewing text, icons, or photos full size; but nevertheless it remains bright enough and comfortable enough for outdoor sunlight use. Furthermore, its touchscreen responsiveness is exceptional with great color saturation levels and wide viewing angles.

Design-wise, the V30 stands out as being more modern and elegant than Big Red's other handsets. Its rounded edges and slimmer profile make it more comfortable to hold than many of their smartphones; although my small jeans pocket makes this phone too big. On its back panel are dashed lines running horizontally across it that add some texture that helps make this smartphone less plasticky than most from Big Red.

The V30 offers several standout software features, such as QuickMemo for notetaking or sketching directly over images onscreen; QSlide to allow simultaneous viewing and resizing of applications like calculator and notepad apps; Knock Code which simplifies turning on and unlocking of its lock screen in one action; GlanceView which displays time, date, and missed notifications while sleeping; as well as Knock Code which consolidates turning on and unlocking its lock screen simultaneously - these can all be found within its Settings app for more info regarding these features and its capabilities.

I was pleased to find out that the V30 supports Quick Charge 2.0 wireless charging standard, making battery topping off easy via cable. In addition, LG Tag+ accessories can be used to activate various settings of this phone and activate various features on it.

The V30 features an ample battery, so it should provide ample juice for daily usage under moderate or light usage. Talk time of up to 8 hours and standby time of over 15 days on one charge are both impressive, though for maximum battery life you must reduce its brightness setting.

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