Lil Skies Unbothered Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

lil skies unbothered review

After taking a short hiatus due to becoming a father, lil skies unbothered review

lil Skies has finally returned to the music scene with his second album 'Unbothered'. A more mature project that focuses on inward emotions rather than a swagger driven by weed, cars and money. With only three features courtesy of Wiz Khalifa, Lil Durk and Jodeci, this is an introspective record with some great production work by the likes of Based1 and Slim Pharaoh. The acoustic guitar riffs that accentuate the choruses on songs such as 'OK' and 'Havin' My Way' provide a welcome twist to the standard trap formula that's prevalent throughout the whole record. Despite this, the beats are still mostly monotonous & predictable. Most begin with minimal sound and quickly pick up tempo to a stale drum pattern that holds till the end.

The only thing that breaks the monotony are the rapping and the lyrics. Skies is not the most talented rapper to ever grace a mic but he's a competent technical MC that could make some interesting lyrical content if only he was better equipped with an actual story to tell. Most of his lyricism consists of luxury trap flexing, dumping on haters & talking about weed which isn't the worst thing to do but does become tiresome over time. A few standout tracks include the abrasive "Riot" that hinges on fragile paranoia and the mellower 'Trust Nobody' that has Skies spitting about his past betrayals & clout chasers.

David Sunnyside
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