List of Electronic Products: Top 10 Products

June 4, 2020

Introduction: List of Electronic Products

Every year, technology companies go all out in developing the cutting edge of consumer electronics. They dedicate billions of dollars to do so, and that leads to some really cool products. This pushes the boundaries of innovation and makes human lives better and more convenient. Check out this list of electronic products below.

1. Samsung QLED Bezel-less 8K TV

Samsung has introduced a gorgeous TV with virtually non-existent bezels. Also, the TV truly seems to blend with its surroundings providing a futuristic-looking setting. Furthermore, armed with QLED technology, Samsung has gone way beyond consumers’ demands and made something truly spectacular.

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2. Segway S-Pod

This product seems like something straight out of the X-Men movies. It is a two-wheeled stroller that self-balances and can reach speeds of 24 miles per hour. In addition, this next evolution of personal transportation devices is controlled with a joystick making for easy riding experience. It also includes smart safety features like automatic braking and exterior lights that act as turn signals.

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3. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold

Lenovo is taking foldable displays to the next level with this Windows 10 device. Also, the ThinkPad X1 Fold is a marriage between a tablet and a laptop. The 13.3-inch display provides ample real estate for users to enjoy their content. Also, it also supports a stylus and comes with a magnetic keyboard. Furthermore, it could become the all-in-one product that consumers have been looking for.

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4. Samsung’s Ballie

Personal smart home devices and robots are taking off and Samsung’s Ballie could be the perfect electronic mate. It is a ball-shaped device that is equipped with cameras and sensors. Ballie can be used to take photos, control other smart home devices, update you about your home while you are away, and more.

5. Hydraloop Water Recycler

Hydraloops is the perfect appliance to recycle water in an age where it is getting scarce. It purifies and filters the greywater from kitchen sinks, baths, showers, and washing machines. It can recycle up to 85% of the greywater used in the home using its series of six maintenance-free filtration techniques.

6. Moon Ultra

list of electronic products

Moon Ultra is a small, compact, touch-sensitive, clip-on light source that you can use to create the perfect lighting conditions for your photos. Whether it is a romantic setting or a sporty one, Moon Ultra has the perfect blend of color temperatures and adjustable brightness to set the mood.

7. Rocean One

list of electronic products

Rocean One is a really stylish water filter that can make turn your plain old water into a tasty carbonated drink. Also, it can even add flavors to water with its pair of reusable flavor pods. Furthermore, the company aims to reduce the usage of plastic bottles while providing the same things they love about bottled water and sodas.

list of electronic products

8. Samsung Odyssey G9

When it comes to displays, Samsung is second to none. With the Odyssey G9 monitor, it proves as much. This display has a 1000R curve and it feels like you are enveloped in its 49-inch display from left to right. It is literally the most curved screen that you can buy right now.

9. Fisker Ocean: List of Electronic Products

list of electronic products

Fisker has unveiled an all-electric luxury SUV called Ocean. With its vegan leather interior, use of recycled materials like nylon and polyester, Fisker claims that it is the most sustainable vehicle in the world. In addition, it even has a solar panel on the roof that allows for passive battery charging. Additionally, even Tesla cars don’t have this feature.

list of electronic products

10. Prinker S Temporary Tattoo Printer: List of Electronic Products

list of electronic products

Conclusion: List of Electronic Products

This small and compact device allows users to print temporary tattoos on their bodies that last 1 to 3 days. Also, the printing process takes seconds and is completely painless. Moreover, users can even select the tattoo they would like printed on a companion app. I hope you enjoyed this list of electronic products. Lastly, read more on Tech Exclusive.

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