Litlamp Review - 5 Great Features You'll Love

April 15, 2023
David Sunnyside

litlamp review

Light up your room with 350+ Color Changing Effects, 1000 Lumens of Illumination, and a Sturdy Design.

A lit lamp is one of the simplest and most powerful ways to create mood lighting in your home. Its 350+ multi-color changing effects, high-intensity LED bulbs and 1000 lumens of light can turn your dull office or bedroom into a colorful and vibrant space you'll love spending time in.

Sleek and Modern Look

The litlamp comes in several different sizes, ranging from 12-inch to 24 inches. Its simple and clean-lined design will compliment your decors without looking out of place. Its sleek look will also help in reducing the clutter and making your room feel more cozy and elegant.

Slim and Flexible Neck

Another great thing about this torchiere is that it's very thin and sleek, so it can fit in the smallest corner of your room. The slender stem allows you to pivot the light head to wherever you want it, and the heavy base keeps it stable.

Heat-Free and Energy Efficient

The light head of this LED lamp doesn't emit any heat and can last for a decade or two. Its warm white temperature at 3000K is not only pleasant to the eye, it promotes a relaxing and calm atmosphere wherever you shine it.

Smart & Easy to Use

Featuring multiple touch points, you can change the temperature of the light, dim it by touching the arrows on the head, or set up the color-changing mode to turn the lights on and off with just a tap of your finger. Its remote control is a big plus as well, so you can set it up in any position in the room to get your desired look.

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