LOOP-LOC Pool Cover Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

loop lock pool cover review

A LOOP-LOC safety cover puts an unbreakable lock on your pool to protect family members from unauthorized entry. The one-of-a-kind protection of a LOOP-LOC super dense mesh or solid safety pool cover is strong enough to hold an elephant, and provides the best way to prevent children and pets from accessing your pool without a pool fence.

Unlike regular covers that are basically a tarp, LOOP-LOC safety covers are tested and certified by Underwriters Laboratories (U.L) to meet and exceed the ASTM standard for Safety Swimming Pool Covers F 1346-91. They feature a Cable-Loc child safety intrusion barrier and patented GapGuard that closes dangerous gaps in the pool deck that a baby, pet or trespasser can slip through. LOOP-LOC is the world's number one selling safety cover and has sold over 30 million covers worldwide.

Stock covers come with a 5' by 5' grid pattern and are pre-measured for most rectangular pools. Non-standard shapes like kidney shaped pools, or pools with steps require a custom measurement and cover that will be made by the manufacturer. Custom covers are more expensive and carry a 15 year pro-rated warranty.

The heavier density of a LOOP-LOC cover means it is able to block more sunlight, but still allows rain and melting snow to drain through quickly. Many other 99% mesh covers on the market become clogged and must be scrubbed or pumped to allow water through. LOOP-LOC's ultra-durable fabric is also abrasion resistant and deters algae growth.

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