Lost Puddle Jumper Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

lost puddle jumper review

Lost puddle jumper review

If you are looking for a great surfboard to take on small waves this summer, then look no further than the Puddle Jumper HP from Lost. This board is a high-performance version of the classic Puddle Jumper with a more refined nose and tail shape that allows for more aggressive top to bottom surfing than the original. It is ideal for intermediate surfers in sub-average to good conditions.

The wide shortboard outline gives this board plenty of surface area to generate speed even in mushy, slow conditions. A smooth wing free squash tail and full tail block keep the board stable, and the overall board design means that it is a fun and easy ride to get into.

It also has a concave that transitions to vee through the tail. This adds lift to the board and allows you to get radical with your turns. The rounded pintail also helps you stay in control as you carve through turns and provides extra grip for hard turning maneuvers.

This board is made in Lib Tech's ECO ISO construction technology and is light, durable, and very responsive. It's a great choice for anyone looking to get into surfing smaller waves, but still wants to have fun and surf their best.

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