Louisville Slugger 716 Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

louisville slugger 716 review

The Louisville Slugger 716 review is a great hybrid bat option for USSSA, travel ball, and youth league baseball. It has an alloy barrel and composite handle. This design helps to eliminate the vibration of a one-piece, which is a big plus for younger players and their developing arms. The alloy barrel also needs no breaking in, so it will be ready to go right out of the wrapper.

The handle is made of composite and features a custom Lizard Skin grip. The grip is incredibly comfortable, and the thinner knob helps to reduce the amount of vibration that travels up through your hands after making contact with a baseball. This is a great feature for 10-year old kids who might not have the strength to deal with the vibration of 1-piece aluminum bats.

This year, Louisville Slugger has added a new TRU3 Dynamic Socket Connection. This technology allows the barrel and handle to flex slightly during your swing, which maximizes the barrel trampoline effect and eliminates negative vibration. The endcap is also a unique look, and it features a new SBC logo.

The Select 716 is available in several different sizes to fit all levels of play. This is a great choice for youth leagues, travel ball, and even some ASA leagues. It is a 3-Piece bat construction and features the company’s AC21 alloy barrel and a composite handle. This design is going to be hot out of the wrapper and game ready from day one.

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