Loveshack Review - Is George a Ritualist?

May 26, 2023
David Sunnyside

The Turners continue to take dangerous risks in their quest to reclaim Jericho from the Church of the Lesser Saints and now with Uncle George staying at their home there's a feeling that violence could happen at any moment. In this episode, we find out why that is and get a closer look at Leanne's past thanks to Julian, but the most interesting development was probably the jaw-dropping question that was left hanging in the finale.

Despite her efforts to keep the baby charade going, Leanne isn't happy with how things have turned out. Her frustration boils over when she sees Sean snorting coke in the basement bathroom and he doesn't care that it's ruining her life. Julian takes this opportunity to do some research on her background, discovering that she has a mother who is still alive and looking for her daughter.

Meanwhile, in the shack, George is preparing for whatever reunion with the Church members is to come at midnight. He traces symbols on the wall, sharpens a knife and even has Roscoe distract the Turners while he builds a pile of wood to place in the wine cellar hole. The most disturbing aspect of this scene is that he's doing all of this while listening to "Loveshack" by the B-52's and repeatedly slamming his head into the wall. Is he trying to psych himself up for some kind of ritual?

David Sunnyside
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