Low Power Mode Apple Watch: Maximize Battery Life Effortlessly

May 30, 2024
Justin Lumiere

Apple has introduced the Watch Ultra model to address the battery life issue with a larger case and slimming down components, resulting in improved battery life for sports-focused users. One of the standout features in watchOS 9 is the new Low Power Mode, which helps conserve battery life by turning off power-hungry features while keeping the smartwatch fully functional.

The Benefits of Low Power Mode

With Low Power Mode activated, users can extend the battery life of Apple Watch Series 8 and Watch Ultra up to 36 and 60 hours respectively. This mode helps save power by disabling certain features like background heart rate monitoring, workout reminders, and cellular pings.

Black Apple Watch With Black Sports Band

How to Activate Low Power Mode

Instructions on how to activate the Low Power Mode on Apple Watch include navigating to specific settings and noting changes users might observe when the mode is enabled. For instance, the Always On display will be turned off, and connectivity features like Wi-Fi and cellular connections are limited.

New Capabilities on the Horizon

Apple is working on a Reduced GPS and HR mode to further increase battery life during longer workouts, which will be available as a separate toggle under the Low Power Mode and rolled out later in the year. This feature is part of the watchOS 9 update and will be available on all devices starting from Apple Watch 4 through a software update.

Additional Features and Functionality

Low Power Mode maintains important functionalities such as fitness tracking capabilities including Move, Exercise, Stand rings, and sleep tracking with the Sleep Focus enabled. Software features like Hey Siri, Find My, Walkie-Talkie, and Fall Detection are operational in Low Power Mode. Although performance may be slightly affected, with apps taking longer to open due to down-clocked efficiency cores, the trade-off for battery conservation is deemed reasonable for many users.

ModelBattery Life without LPMBattery Life with LPMFeatures Disabled in LPM
Apple Watch Series 818 hoursUp to 36 hours
  • Background Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Workout Reminders
  • Cellular Pings
Apple Watch Ultra36 hoursUp to 60 hours
  • Background Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Workout Reminders
  • Cellular Pings

Practical Tips for Using Low Power Mode

To activate Low Power Mode, users can swipe up from the bottom of the watch face to open the Control Center, tap on the battery percentage button, and scroll down to enable Low Power Mode. Options are available to turn on the mode immediately or for specific durations like 1, 2, or up to 3 days. Indicators such as a yellow circle on the watch face and battery percentage turning yellow in Control Center visually confirm when Low Power Mode is active.

By focusing on extending battery life without compromising essential functions, the Apple Watch Ultra's Low Power Mode presents a significant enhancement for users, particularly for those engaging in extended outdoor activities or workouts. This feature, along with other updates in watchOS 9, reflects Apple’s commitment to improving user experience through thoughtful and effective battery management solutions.

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