Lucas TB Zinc Additive Break In Oil Review

May 26, 2023
David Sunnyside

Lucas TB Zinc Additive helps seat new rings and provides an excellent extreme pressure additive package that protects the camshaft and valve train in flat tappet cam engines. It contains a higher level of zinc than typical commercial passenger car oil and is designed to be used for racing applications or any application that requires more extreme pressure additives than normal motor oil can provide.

People typically think they have to follow grueling and nerve wracking break-in procedures for their high performance flat tappet cams, to prevent wiping lobes. These folks are usually misguided, because my lab tests show that most of the Break-In oils available today do not provide sufficient wear protection for flat tappet cams. These poor performing oils allow too much camshaft and ring friction during the break-in period, which results in wiping lobes and premature failure of other parts of the engine.

To help eliminate this problem, I developed my "Load Carrying Capacity/Film Strength" psi test for Break-In Oils. The results of this test are quite eye opening, as the top ranked oil on my Wear Protection Ranking List (which does not contain any aftermarket additives) has a "Load Carrying Capacity/Film strength" psi value that is more than 3 times greater than the lowest ranked Break-In Oil tested here! The top ranked oil on my ranking list also has a zinc content that is well over 2 1/2 times the amount of the lowest ranked Break-In Oil tested.

David Sunnyside
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