Ludwig Accent Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

ludwig accent review

Ludwig has been making drums since 1909 and with two of the most famous drummers in history – Ringo Starr and John Bonham – as former customers they know a thing or two about great sounding kits. The Accent is one of their entry-level sets that gives new players a full set of drums with everything they need to get started without breaking the bank account too much.

This kit features a 22’’ bass drum, 12’’ and 13’’ mounted toms, a 16’’ floor tom and a 14’’ snare. It also includes a pair of rack tom mounts, a double-braced hardware stand, a boom cymbal stand and a hi-hat and a ride cymbal. All of these components are very durable and well made. The hardware stands have large wing nuts on them which make it easy to adjust the settings. This is a nice touch since most entry-level drums come with hardware that is flimsy and can break easily.

The drums are a little on the small side compared to most higher-end kits, but they have a lot of punch and will work well for most beginners. The snare and bass drum have an edge to them that helps them cut through the mix and give more character. The shell hardware is reassuringly Ludwig with proper Ludwig lugs that are a bit chunkier than those found on very high-end sets. This is good because it lets the shells vibrate fully resulting in a full and rich sound.

David Sunnyside
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