Luxury Features to Look for in Your Next High-End Car

July 26, 2022
Natalie Thorburn

As technology advances, its impact is felt in every manufacturing industry, including automobiles. Within the past two decades, cars have transformed from simple wheel carriage to complex and more advanced vehicles with high-end features. All these transformations are geared towards improving comfortability, safety, outlook, and performance during travel. If you are thinking of purchasing a new high-end car, here are some must-have features you'll have to consider:

Hydrophobic Windows

Despite being a new feature in the market, hydrophobic windows are already making an impact in the automobile industry. These windows are made with chemical properties that repel both water, dust, and contaminants from bonding with the glass surface. This improves and maintains your visibility despite the weather. Plus, hydrophobic windows are easy to clean and maintain.

Heated Steering Wheel

In the recent past, modern vehicles are designed with a heated steering wheel as a replacement for ordinary plastic steering. This heating element in the wheel was invented to prevent freezing when driving on winter mornings. Therefore, this keeps your hands warm, toasty, and with a better grip.

Seat Coolers

Seat coolers are one technological invention you shouldn't miss in your next luxury car. These coolers come in handy to ensure you enjoy your drive without any exertion or stress. Also, these coolers are designed with air conditioners to cool passengers during the journey. The majority of brand-new luxury cars will have this feature. However, if you decide to buy a used car, make sure you cross-check with the used luxury car dealer.

Advanced Infotainment System

The infotainment system is the touchscreen display that's mounted on the vehicle's dashboard. While most modern cars have these systems, your next luxury car shouldn't miss the advanced versions with autopilot, cruise control, keyless entry, game options, and self-driving, among other exciting features. Depending on your personality, you can choose infotainment that operates on iPad or Android.

Lane Assist Technology

Lane assist technology has become common in most vehicles. That's why it shouldn't miss in your next luxury vehicle. This technology often relies on a lane departure camera, lasers, and infrared sensors to determine whether you are moving, exiting, or entering a lane as recommended. In the event that you drift out of a lane inappropriately, the system will alert you or gently move you to the correct position.

Active Suspension

You've probably heard of active suspension in other luxurious car brands such as Mercedes Benz or BMW and the rest. Well, this feature is exciting and should be part of your next luxury car. Unlike the normal magnet/air sensors found in most vehicles, active suspensions use sensors to determine uneven or bumpy roads and adjust accordingly automatically. This effect gives you get a smooth ride and a floating-like experience even if you hit a rough/bumpy road.


Do you want to feel the sun on your skin while driving? If yes, then the sunroof is a must-have feature in your next luxury car. The sunroof opening slides from sides to close and open upon demand. But besides allowing sunlight and fresh air in, the sunroof can also give you a better glance at the stars at night.

Final Thoughts

Modern automobile technology has made it possible for car manufacturers to design amazing features for high-end luxury. If you are planning to buy a new ride, there are lots of features you would want to make your driving unique and comfortable. The above-mentioned are some exciting features that will catch your interest.


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