Lyve Reviews Seagate Mobile Array for Autonomous Vehicle (AV) Test-and-Development Workflows

May 16, 2023
Justin Lumiere

lyve reviews

Lyve is a free app that gathers your photos and videos from across multiple devices into a central library that you can access on any device, providing easy organization, beautiful display, and accessing old memories that might otherwise be forgotten about. All devices must remain online in order to sync up.

Lyve is a relatively recent entry to the cloud object storage market, which Market Research Future projects will reach $15.3 billion by 2030. Seagate Technology plc's goal with Lyve is to lower barriers of entry for users without dedicated private cloud systems already set up.

Their solution encrypts data at rest for easy storage across multiple locations, with predictable pricing models to make data readily available from anywhere around the globe for analytics, machine learning and AI training.

The solution from the company is also ideal for autonomous vehicle (AV) test-and-development processes, where massive amounts of real world training data is essential in developing advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) systems - generated from sensors attached to AVs which gather information over millions of miles of testing drives.

Seagate's solution allows large volumes of data to be removed quickly from a central location and distributed among multiple devices in record time, which enables simulation of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

Companies can do this by installing the Seagate Lyve Mobile Array into an AV to store sensor system data, like LiDAR and cameras, that needs offloading. When this data is complete, the array can be removed and connected via standard USB 3.2 or Thunderbolt 3 interface; then offloaded onto desktops or the cloud for use.

Lyve's technology can be combined with Equus Compute solutions to provide maximum flexibility for customers' edge technology infrastructures. Equus designs, deploys, integrates and manages custom infrastructure based on our clients' specifications; whether that means data ingest and light AI workloads at the edge or ECS Edge Pods that power applications at 5G edges we have you covered!

While Lyve doesn't quite live up to my expectations, it comes pretty close - and currently has most competitors beat in price and performance. Plus, with 2 TB of storage space provided free (more than Flickr offers its users or Dropbox and Apple's recently increased offerings). Furthermore, unlike with other cloud services which rent your data out to someone else who could potentially hack and make public any naked celebrity photos you store therein; all data you own with Lyve. See our detailed review of Lyve Reviews for more details of its features and benefits lyve reviews reviews provides.

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