M18 Heat Gun Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

m18 heat gun review

The heat gun is one of those power tools that is often overlooked. It’s the one that sits on the tool belt and gets used for jobs like stripping paint, melting plastic or softening putty. It’s typically a corded unit that requires a long extension cord, takes a few minutes to warm up and gets hot to the touch after extended use. Milwaukee has introduced a new cordless solution that runs off their M18 platform and it is quite impressive.

The Milwaukee 2688-20 Heat Gun features a 6.4” barrel that weighs just under 1.7 lbs. It has a max heat output of 875°F and it is capable of reaching that temperature in 7 seconds. It also has a hideaway hanger for easy storage in a tool bag and a guarded nozzle that keeps the hot tip from touching delicate surfaces. It’s part of the M18 One + system which means any 18V RYOBI battery will work with it.

There are a few add on accessories available for this heat gun that allow it to do more specialty tasks. A deflector nozzle helps direct the heat to specific points which is ideal for stripping windows of sealants without cracking the glass. An air reduction nozzle refines the hot blast to a small point for spot melt applications. Finally, a hook nozzle is great for sealing shrink wrap around cables or other similar shaped objects.

The Milwaukee 2688-20 Heat Gun is currently being sold by Acme Tools and a few other retailers for $239 for the kit including a bare tool soldering iron, a battery and a charger. This is $50 cheaper than Milwaukee’s cordless M18 heat gun and much less than the corded Ridgid version. The only thing missing from this tool is a fold out ladder hook but that isn’t a deal breaker for most users. The tip of the heat gun does get hot to the touch after extended use but even so it only reaches 113°F which is still not dangerous.

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