M93 Black Arrow Review

May 27, 2023
David Sunnyside

The M93 Black Arrow takes the legendary Mauser action known for its strength and reliability, and upsizes it to handle the power of the.50 BMG round. To help protect your shoulders, the gun has a buffer system in the stock and a muzzle brake that work together to reduce recoil by 62%. The 33 inch cold hammer forged barrel is fluted to allow the gun to cool down faster, further aiding accuracy. The rifle also comes with a built in picatinny rail that can accept a wide variety of optics for your desired aiming solution.

The rifle is designed to neutralize various targets in a range up to 1,600 meters, and it is equipped with a heavy barrel that ensures exceptional precision at long distances. The chrome-lined interior is protected with a special polymer that is highly resistant to wear and corrosion. To enhance the accuracy of this weapon, it features folding iron sights and a muzzle break that significantly reduces recoil (up to 62%) and facilitates shooting.

The M93 Black Arrow is a great choice for a varmint or target shooter who wants a quality rifle with plenty of firepower. Its massive dimensions, excellent fit and finish, and impressive accuracy make this a top-rated choice. It also offers a convenient design that makes it easy to use and maintain.

David Sunnyside
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