Mackie Thump 15 1000 Watt Review

July 7, 2023
David Sunnyside

Mackie thump 15 1000 watt review

The back of the Thump GO is packed with a lot of controls. A pushbutton switch toggles through four EQ adjustment recommendations: Music, Speech, Monitor and Sub (the manual shows additional settings for Megaphone and Whisper, but these aren’t present on the unit we tested). Each of these voicings tweaks the overall sound character of the speaker to suit your venue or musical style.

A 3-band EQ with a sweepable mid allows you to dial in the ideal sound and a mic input directly connects for simple vocal applications that don’t require a mixer. A rugged polypropylene cabinet is designed to take the beating that most portable speakers get, keeping it in pristine condition for night after night of gigging.

Integrated audio processing like an intelligent 2-way crossover helps to deliver clear resolution without the need for external processors. Advanced features like driver time alignment and phase correction further aid audio definition and clarity, even when pushed a little too hard.

Connect two GOs together via the XLR thru connection to hardwire mixed signals to both speakers or use Zone mode that permits independent control for front LED, feedback eliminator and ducking. You can also link one GO to another using the Thump Connect app, giving you control over the mix and EQ of both speakers at once from anywhere in the room. This is a very useful feature that makes the speaker more flexible and easier to use.

David Sunnyside
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