Mad Max Anthology 4k Review

March 18, 2023
David Sunnyside

mad max anthology 4k review

The Mad Max Anthology is a 4k remaster collection of the four films in the series. This is the first time Warner Bros has issued all four films in this format.

The quality of the movies is excellent with good film grain and good detail. These films have been remastered from their original camera negatives and the audio looks very good as well.

Mad Max (Full Version):

The original Mad Max was a brilliant action movie that took place in a post-apocalyptic setting with gangs of thugs roaming the land and looting anything they come across. This is the classic story of a tough survivor named Max Rockatansky who fights to protect his family and the rest of the world from this evil.

This was a brilliant first film in the series and it is still a classic today with Mel Gibson at his best as Max Rockatansky. The world of the series is very unnerving and there is violence at almost any moment which makes it a very scary film to watch.

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome:

The second film in the series is another very successful action movie and this time George Miller comes back with a bigger budget and he is able to really show off his skill. This time we see Max fight with barbarians in Bartertown and it was really a brilliant action movie and George Miller proved once again why he should be considered one of the best action directors out there.

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