MageGee Keyboard Review

October 5, 2023
Justin Lumiere

magegee keyboard

The MageGee keyboard is an ideal solution for gamers and typists, offering stylish design, customizable RGB backlighting, ergonomic layout and multiple color options to meet individual taste.

This keyboard utilizes MX red equivalent linear switches for a quiet and smooth typing experience, and features injection laser carved keycaps to provide durability. An anti-ghosting feature ensures accurate keystrokes.

The MageGee Mini 60% Gaming Keyboard

This budget keyboard offers many great features. It boasts an elegant ice blue backlight and detachable USB-C cable; as well as 96% compact layout with red linear switches and red linear switches for added durability and safety. Furthermore, its small footprint and lightweight construction mean it can fit just about anywhere in your office or home environment.

MageGee keyboard stands out from other budget models with its anti-ghosting technology, which ensures all 87 keys work without conflict - perfect for gaming! Additionally, its full range of backlight modes is easily controlled with Fn + ||. Overall this budget keyboard offers exceptional value to gamers and typists alike!

Choose the appropriate keyboard based on your specific needs and preferences. Finding one that's comfortable and responsive to your typing style is essential; try out various types before making your choice. Getting one with customizable RGB lighting allows you to personalize it to match in-game actions; additionally, remember to consider warranty coverage so your keyboard will last as long as possible!

The MageGee One-Hand Keyboard

MageGee offers an extremely portable gaming keyboard designed for use with only one hand - perfect for one-handed gameplay! This small, portable keyboard comes equipped with a wrist rest for comfort and efficiency; plus there are some unique features like textured WASD keys and programmable macros that set it apart.

The Red Switch Gaming Keyboard is an ideal solution for gamers who rely on fast and precise movements during fast-paced mobile gaming sessions, featuring red switches in a compact layout with red switches to help speed up and accurate responses quickly. Plus, its strong durability means it will withstand years of regular use!

The Cakce RGB one handed gaming keyboard is another excellent choice for gamers looking for an attractive, customizable backlighting keyboard with 35 mechanical switches and full anti-ghosting functionality. Quiet switches make for easy cleaning while its durable construction will look good on any desktop, plus its compatibility with both Windows and Mac makes this an excellent value! Don't wait too long though as Amazon currently offers it at a discounted rate; make sure you grab one while there's still time!

The MageGee Portable 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

MageGee is one of the premier manufacturers of mechanical gaming keyboards. Their keyboards combine aesthetics and functionality for an enjoyable typing experience for gamers. You'll find something suitable to your tastes here with their range of colors and designs; their switches are highly responsive while remaining durable for long term durability.

The MageGee Mini Portable 60% is an attractive and portable keyboard designed for mobile gaming, featuring anti-ghosting design to ensure all keys register properly as well as an ergonomic palm rest. In addition, its USB hub provides additional ports to connect additional devices, such as mouses and headsets.

Cherry MX blue switches, known for their superior performance, feature smooth and linear action with minimal resistance or paragraph sense. Furthermore, this keyboard comes equipped with customizable backlighting that can match your mood or gaming style.

This keyboard's keycaps are constructed from high-quality ABS plastic with a matte finish for an ergonomic and compact experience. The split-row format features separate arrow keys as well as all of your F keys - ideal for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, it even comes complete with its own USB C coiled cable!

The MageGee Wireless Gaming Keyboard

The MageGee wireless gaming keyboard is an excellent choice for gamers seeking an effective and reliable device. Featuring a compact design with wrist rest for comfort during long gaming sessions and customizable macro keys and backlighting for customizing user experiences, it is compatible with most operating systems and is guaranteed to perform reliably and effectively.

MageGee Keyboard features a dynamic LED blue backlight that offers multiple illuminated lighting effects for customizing personal style and preferences. Furthermore, its ergonomic keyboard layout optimizes workspace while its high-quality mechanical switches offer crisp input feeling with loud click sound - plus there's even an optional wrist rest to improve ergonomics!

In addition to its LED backlight, this gaming keyboard also boasts an anti-ghosting feature - meaning all 87 keys work without conflict for accurate typing and gaming, especially helpful when playing games that involve frequent keystrokes. Furthermore, this waterproof keyboard makes use possible even under adverse weather conditions.

In addition to its dynamic backlight and mesmerizing breathing mode, this keyboard also comes equipped with dedicated media control buttons and non-slip base, making it easier for gamers to adjust audio settings during gameplay. Furthermore, this device boasts an ample battery capacity which can be recharged within 10 hours for added convenience.

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