Magellan Maesto 4250 - Mid-To-High-End Portable Navigation System

May 16, 2023
Justin Ankus

magellan maesto 4250

Magellan Maesto 4250 is an affordable mid-to-high end portable navigation system (pND), boasting numerous features at an attractive price point. This pND comes equipped with a wide 4.3 touch screen 64K color WQVGA TFT display; internal 2200mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery; Bluetooth for hands free phone operation with compatible mobile phones; an RDS-TMC FM receiver which provides real time traffic reporting as well as night view function - dimming down its display at nighttime; plus it has an SD card slot for additional memory expansion capacity.

The Maesto 4250 is designed for ease of use; its user-friendly user interface guides drivers directly to their destination through voice-guided and on-screen prompts. Users can select any address or POI from its database and receive turn-by-turn directions to reach it. With over 6 million pre-programmed POIs integrated with AAA TourBook listings and its Lane Guidance feature helping motorists stay in their correct lane, the Maesto 4250 makes travel simpler than ever!

Maesto 4250 stands out as an exceptional product due to its ability to understand text-to-speech commands for hands-free control, or be connected with an Android mobile phone to act as a wireless remote control for it.

Maesto 4250 can also be used to play music from different sources; its built-in MP3 player supports WMA, AAC and MP3 files and can even connect to mobile audio devices like an iPod via its built-in USB port for added functionality. If your Metallica tune gets too intense and you exceed the speed limit, Maesto will alert you with an audible warning sound!

The Maesto 4250 comes complete with a vehicle mount for either windshields or dashboards; a USB cable for connecting to your computer for mapping updates and POI downloads; an extra battery, reference materials and detailed instructions for setting up and using it. Powered by DC power and using rechargeable Li-ion battery power, its intelligent charger has an intelligent circuit that constantly adjusts output voltage and resistor configuration for maximum battery longevity - perfect when stored away for extended periods or seasonal travel! A comprehensive technical support hotline is also available to assist customers in using it!

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