Magic Show Review - The Illusionists

March 18, 2023
David Sunnyside

the illusionists magic show review

About The Illusionists

Back by popular demand, this holiday show features seven world-class magicians performing mind-boggling tricks and breathtaking acts. Their shows blend grand illusion, levitation, disappearance and even full-view water torture escape into a “high-tech magic extravaganza” (The New York Times).

Paul Dabek, the host, is a British comic who weaves a mix of jokes for all ages. He's a great fit for the show, delivering a series of wry, satirical monologues to keep the audience engaged.

The five other magicians, given snappy monikers that don't necessarily prove accurate, are a good mix of skill and talent. Enzo Weyne, for instance, is a French magician with remarkable skills in sleight of hand and transporting objects at the speed of light.

He also performs a routine in which he's able to detach pieces of his assistant's body. The evening's a bit uneven, but at least it has its share of laughs and surprises.

Several of the illusionists are clearly well-seasoned professionals who deliver their acts with ease and confidence, including Darcy Oake, "The Grand Illusionist." He's also the most physically impressive, with a muscular physique and shaved head that make him look like a threatening menace.

Chloe Crawford, "The Sorceress," has one act in which she awkwardly chooses an older male audience member to go on a date with her. After that, she swallows a series of razor blades, then coughs them up, connected in one chain.

In between, Colin Cloud, "The Deductionist," puts his ex-criminal profiler skills to stunning use, making spot-on guesses that truly defy explanation. The night is rounded out by Adam Trent, who's a smoothly ingratiating emcee with a boyish charm that easily wins over the crowd.

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