Man O War Armada Review

May 26, 2023
David Sunnyside

Man o war armada is a rare beast. Its $20 price tag runs counter to every fiber of deep discounting instinct that resides in the red blood of CI Nation. But from time to time, a cigar comes along that warrants such a high price tag because it’s something special. It has to have a truly excellent profile and impeccable construction, of course. But it also needs to be made with extra rare and expensive tobaccos and materials. And it has to have a personal blend from AJ Fernandez himself.

This particular Man O’ War is called Armada and it hails from AJ Fernandez’s Ocotal factory in Nicaragua. It’s a cult classic and widely known among the cigar community. And it’s a limited edition, meaning only 10,000 of these are made per year.

The Man O’ War Armada is a 6.5 x 64 perfecto and sports an Ecuadorian Sumatra maduro wrapper, a rarity in the world of Nicaraguan cigars. It’s a boldly complex smoke with notes of cedar, coffee, earth, and white pepper. It’s a luxurious smoking experience and a must-have for Man O’ War fans or any fan of AJ Fernandez’s masterful blends.

David Sunnyside
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