Marucci Echo Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

marucci echo review

The marucci echo review is a two-piece composite bat made by one of the most serious brands in baseball. It features a new MDX composite design that is ultra-responsive and game-ready right out of the wrapper. It also has a ring-free barrel construction that increases performance without dead spots. These factors combined result in some of the highest exit velocities in the industry, so you’ll have plenty of pop.

This bat comes in a variety of drop weights, making it suitable for players of all skill levels. The -10 model is perfect for younger players who are building their strength and developing their contact hitting skills.

It’s difficult to find a performance single-piece composite in the market that swings as balanced as the Echo Connect. The only other comparable bats are the Slugger CF, Ghost Advanced, and Mizuno CRBN1. The Echo Connect is stiffer than those bats, but it also feels smooth on mishits thanks to its anti-vibration knob technology.

While the 2023 Marucci Echo DMND is similar to the Echo Connect, there are some significant differences. The biggest difference is that the Echo Connect uses a connection design (Marucci calls it SDX EXT) to combine a composite handle and barrel. The Echo DMND does not use this connection piece, so it does not need to implement the anti-vibration technology to prevent hand sting.

The Marucci Echo Alloy DMND is designed with young beginners in mind, offering a super-balanced feel and a lightweight build. It comes in a -12 length to weight ratio and is a great choice for players who are just starting out. Its alloy construction is durable and the ring free barrel construction gives it a bigger sweet spot for more power on hits. The knob has second-generation anti-vibration technology, so the bat won’t vibrate into the hands and cause a hand sting.

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