Mastering Amazon: FBM for Beginners

January 2, 2024
Natalie Thorburn

The growth Amazon has shown throughout the years is unmatchable. It is now a powerhouse that has given sellers a platform to showcase their products worldwide. For beginners to start their journey as an Amazon seller, it is essential to figure out the best fulfillment method for them. FBA and FBM have their own perks, and the decision can be tough. However, while FBA is seemingly popular, this blog will unlock why FBM can be a smart choice for beginners on Amazon.

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1. Cost-effective

Beginners join Amazon with a tight budget, and it's better to make up your mind that you will not get sales instantly. FBM gives beginners a cost-effective entry point into the platform. With FBA, sellers have to pay different fees related to storage, packaging, shipping, handling, and more. On the other hand, FBM allows sellers to manage these areas according to them, which eventually reduces overhead expenses and unwanted costs.

2. Upper hand over inventory

FBM enables sellers to have an upper hand over their stock. New sellers on Amazon have the advantage of managing their inventory levels, packaging, delivery methods, and other aspects. They can gain experience on how to effectively manage logistics, and find out their expertise. Sellers who are offering niche, or unique items on Amazon may not be comfortable with the standardized guidelines of FBA, and for them; FBM is a better option.

3. Shipping advantages

One basic FBA shipping method might not work for every business, especially when we talk about a diverse platform such as Amazon. FBM allows sellers to ship their products however they want to, ensuring flexibility and control. Sellers can choose to connect with different shipping companies, find out their rates, choose the best one, and let them ship their products. Moreover, they can focus on packing their orders the way customers like or appreciate. Sellers can also choose to include Thank you cards or other cute messages for buyers. FBA does not allow sellers to tailor the process according to the target audience and needs.

4. Bond with customers

With FBM, sellers can directly interact with customers, deal with their issues, and form a relationship with them. Customers like it when sellers show concern towards them directly and do not deal through a third party. By personally fulfilling their orders and inquiring about their problems, beginners can create responsive yet personalized customer support for them. This can lead to customer satisfaction, and convert buyers into loyal customers.

5. Rapid Response

In this fast-paced world of e-commerce, remaining flexible serves as a key to success. FBM makes it possible for seller to take action whenever it is needed and quickly modify their inventory levels, shipment plans, and product prices. Sellers can choose to make tweaks as soon as market trends change to stay relevant and grow accordingly. For instance, Amazon sellers can either choose to adjust product prices manually or sign up with an Amazon repricer to do it for them. It all depends on the newbies who wish to experiment and change strategy in response to market developments.

6. Growth at your own pace

Fulfillment by Merchant gives newcomers a chance to take their time, figure out each aspect of the business, and grow the business at a comfortable tempo. They don’t have to worry about the possible constraints related to FBA criteria. Beginners can come up with their own strategies and operational journeys to expand their business according to their goals.

Pro tip: Whether you choose FBA or FBM, make sure to use an Amazon repricing tool to automate the repricing procedure and make your selling journey easier!

In conclusion,

Fulfillment by Merchant stands out as a strong choice for newcomers looking to get a presence in the Amazon retail industry. For individuals venturing into Internet commerce for the first time, it's a desirable option given its affordability, inventory control, and versatility. Through the use of FBM, learners can access an enormous number of opportunities, gaining knowledge of online retail and creating the groundwork for long-term achievement on Amazon.



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