Mastering Object Removal: How to Remove Objects from Photos on iPhone

March 28, 2024
Natalie Thorburn

In today's digital age, smartphones have become indispensable tools for capturing and editing photos on the go. With the continuous advancements in mobile technology, the ability to remove unwanted objects from photos and create transparent backgrounds has become more accessible and user-friendly, especially on the iPhone. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the various techniques, tools, and tips available for mastering object removal and creating transparent backgrounds directly on your iPhone.

Understanding the Need

Unwanted objects in photos, whether they're distracting background elements, unwanted passersby, or unsightly blemishes, can significantly diminish the composition and narrative of an image on your iPhone. Historically, removing such objects necessitated specialized software or the expertise of professional editors, which often incurred considerable costs and complexities. However, with the emergence of advanced smartphone cameras and editing apps, removing unwanted objects from photos on your iPhone has become remarkably accessible. With just a few taps, users can now utilize the remove object from photo iPhone feature in editing apps to effortlessly eliminate distractions and create transparent backgrounds, enhancing the visual appeal of their images without the need for expensive software or extensive editing skills..

Exploring iPhone Editing Tools

The iPhone offers a variety of built-in and third-party editing tools that cater to different user preferences and skill levels:

1. Markup Tool

The Markup tool, integrated into the native Photos app on iPhone, provides basic yet effective editing functionalities, including object removal and background transparency. With the Markup tool, users can manually erase unwanted objects from photos and adjust the opacity of selected areas to create transparent backgrounds.

2. Third-Party Apps

In addition to the native Markup tool, the App Store offers a plethora of third-party apps that provide advanced object removal and background transparency features for iPhone users. Apps such as TouchRetouch, Enlight Pixaloop, and Adobe Photoshop Express offer intuitive interfaces and powerful editing tools that enable users to achieve professional-grade results directly on their iPhone.

How to Remove Objects from Photos on iPhone

In understanding how to create background transparent in photos, it's essential to explore the step-by-step process utilizing both the Markup tool and third-party applications.

Firstly, with the Markup tool available on various devices, including iPhones and iPads, the process begins by opening the photo in the Photos app. From there, tap "Edit" and select the Markup tool. Choose the option to annotate with the "+" sign, then select "Magnifier" to precisely highlight the unwanted object. Adjust the size and position of the magnifier as needed, then tap "Done" to finalize the changes. While the Markup tool provides basic functionality for object removal, it may not be as robust as third-party applications.

Alternatively, third-party apps like Adobe Photoshop Express or TouchRetouch offer more advanced features for creating transparent backgrounds. After opening the photo in the app, users can utilize tools specifically designed for object removal, such as the "Remove Object" feature. Simply highlight the unwanted object, and the app intelligently fills in the background to seamlessly blend the surrounding elements. Once satisfied with the edits, users can save the image with a transparent background.

Whether using the Markup tool for basic edits or third-party apps for more intricate adjustments, creating transparent backgrounds in photos allows for greater flexibility in design and presentation.

Using the Markup Tool:

Open the Photo: Launch the Photos app and open the photo you wish to edit.

Enter Edit Mode: Tap the "Edit" button located in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Access Markup Tool: Select the Markup tool from the editing options available at the bottom of the screen.

Remove Unwanted Objects: Utilize the pen or eraser tool to manually remove unwanted objects from the photo.

Adjust Opacity: Fine-tune the opacity of selected areas to create a transparent background, if desired.

Save Edits: Once satisfied with the results, tap "Done" to save your edited photo.

Using Third-Party Apps:

Download and Install: Visit the App Store and download the desired third-party editing app.

Import Photo: Launch the editing app and import the photo you want to edit from your iPhone's camera roll.

Remove Objects: Utilize the app's object removal tools to erase unwanted elements from the photo.

Adjust Settings: Fine-tune settings such as brush size and feathering to achieve precise edits.

Apply Transparency Effects: Apply transparency effects to the background as needed to create a seamless result.

Save or Export: Save or export the edited photo to your iPhone's camera roll or share it directly on social media platforms.

Tips for Effective Object Removal

Here are some valuable tips to enhance your object removal and background transparency efforts on iPhone:

Experiment with Tools: Explore a variety of editing tools and techniques to determine the most effective approach for your specific editing needs.

Utilize Advanced Features: Take advantage of advanced features such as clone stamping and content-aware fill to achieve seamless object removal and background adjustments.

Pay Attention to Details: Pay close attention to details such as lighting, shadows, and perspective when editing photos to ensure a natural-looking result.

Practice Precision: Exercise patience and precision when removing objects, as rushed edits may result in less-than-optimal outcomes.


Mastering object removal and creating transparent backgrounds on iPhone is a valuable skill that empowers users to elevate their mobile photography to new heights. With the diverse array of editing tools and apps available, users can easily remove unwanted objects from photos and achieve professional-quality results directly on their iPhone, without the need for specialized software or extensive editing expertise. Whether you're retouching family portraits, enhancing travel snapshots, or perfecting social media posts, the ability to remove objects and create transparent backgrounds opens up a world of creative possibilities. So grab your iPhone, explore the editing tools at your disposal, and embark on a journey of artistic expression through mobile photography. With patience, practice, and creativity, you can transform ordinary photos into extraordinary works of art, all from the palm of your hand.


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