Mathews No Cam Review - New Technology in a Quiet Bow

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

mathews no cam review

Anyone that has been around the archery business for any length of time knows that you’ll gain a legion of supporters and haters. Some may see the mathews no cam review as a bold move away from their successful single-cam lineup while others will welcome the new technology with open arms.

For the 2015 lineup Mathews went back to the drawing board and designed a new bow that utilizes their new NO CAM ST technology. The result is a hunting bow that is very quiet and easy to tune.

The NO CAM ST system eliminates the cams and instead uses concentric circular wheels for the string to travel on during the draw cycle. This allows the nock to stay on a straight plane from start to finish and is extremely efficient, sending more energy to the arrow upon release.

Besides the new NO CAM ST Technology, the HTR features a grid lock riser and limbs that are noticeably less reflexed than past Mathews models. The limbs are also shorter than some other limbs which should help the bow remain more stable and quiet at full draw.

Another feature the bow incorporates is the Tophat system which essentially is a set of spacer tubes that you can place on the cam axles to allow you to move the cams left and right while tuning the bow. This is a great way to make small adjustments without the need for a bow press.

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