Meepo Hurricane Review - A Review of the Meepo Hurricane Electric Skateboard

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

meepo hurricane review

Meepo is a brand that’s known for offering powerful electric skateboards at the best price-performance ratio. Their latest model, the meepo hurricane review, is no exception. It’s one of the fastest 2-in-1 boards on the market and comes with a set of premium features that make it a great option for cruising around town or going uphill.

The Meepo Hurricane is equipped with huge 6374 motors from Dongxingwei and boasts an impressive 3500W of power. It uses a high-end LingYi FOC electronic speed controller with multiple speed modes. This ESC is configured to 70 amps, which gives the Hurricane phenomenal acceleration and hill climbing capabilities. Additionally, the ESC utilizes standard pulley axles (10mm) that let you use any wheel that’s compatible with them.

This skateboard is surprisingly lightweight and able to hold a rider of up to 75kg with ease. It’s also super durable and can take a beating. It can also reach incredible speeds, as shown by its 35 mph top speed in real-world tests. However, it can be a bit uncomfortable to ride on rough terrain because of its stiff deck and 155mm wheels.

The Meepo Hurricane has a great balance between performance, looks, and features. The sleek design will definitely turn heads. It is equipped with powerful motors that give it the ability to reach very high speeds. The only downside is that the board can be uncomfortable to ride on rough surfaces due to its stiff deck and smaller 155mm wheels.

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