Memes That Discuss the Intelligence of AI

July 13, 2023
Justin Lumiere

intelligence memes

There are various memes highlighting the intelligence of AI. Many have religious overtones or draw upon posthumanism narratives suggesting that humans will eventually become gods.

The AI Creation Meme can be seen on websites related to business and technology. Such sites usually display images such as cityscapes, keyboards, symbols representing fields that use AI as well as cosmic galaxies and star systems as their backgrounds.


Twitter may have recently become home to some bizarre, otherworldly images created with DALL-E mini, an AI program that generates hyperrealistic art and images through text prompts. People seem particularly inspired by this tool because it enables users to generate images which are both unsettling and hilarious at once.

The program utilizes a GPT-3 large language model to analyze text-to-image references and generate images that match them, while understanding relationships between different images and words used to describe them, expanding existing paintings such as Girl with a Pearl Earring.

While DALL-E mini is capable of creating some humorous memes, there remain fears that its software could be misused to generate inappropriate material. Though OpenAI filters out potentially offensive images from its training data, no guarantees can be given against abuse by an abuser.


Though Data Scientists may typically be associated with algorithms, computer languages, and programming, they can also be very amusing - as evidenced by many memes depicting their struggles, such as this one which illustrates what it feels like when someone dumps you.

Richard Dawkins first introduced the concept of memes in his book The Selfish Gene. Since then, they have become a central component of modern culture and even research studies to better understand human behavior.

Twitter has recently come under attack by new social networking apps that compete directly with its platform, such as Meta's Threads and Black Twitter's move to Spill. In response, Twitter has started restricting how many tweets can be seen daily by some users; some are venting their frustration by creating memes about them on Twitter.

Bored Humans

As humans, we tend to overestimate our intelligence. Thus, there is concern that AI will overtake and eventually surpass us; engineers are working hard to ensure AI doesn't understand memes before getting too far ahead of us.

OCR technology has proven effective at reading license plates, yet understanding memes is an entirely different matter. Given there's no predefined template most memes follow, decoding them requires artificial intelligence (AI). Furthermore, humor may mean different things to different people so AI may struggle with understanding it all too.

Engineers are turning to memes as a means of testing AI's ability to interpret them, with one popular website being Bored Humans for this. Here, users can find free AI tools which are both entertaining and useful, such as meme generators, age progression tools, face animation tools and deepfake video generators.


The top online meme generators provide simple-to-use tools that make creating funny images and GIFs effortless, as well as customizable fonts and text styles so users can personalize their creations further.

With these tools, it's easy to quickly create custom memes and share them with family and friends. Some memes even depict real people and events! Memes allow us to express emotions and thoughts in a fun and creative manner.

This meme has quickly become one of the most recognizable on the Internet and is often used when something slightly alarming occurs. Additionally, it can be an excellent way to show support for a particular team or event.

iLoveIMG is an image sharing website that allows users to upload and edit photographs, GIFs and memes for free with various templates available; some features of this free service may be restricted for paid accounts however. Furthermore, child safety is guaranteed and anonymous publishing options allow for maximum publishing potential.

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